Monday, May 06, 2013

A disappointing 13th general election

Yesterday afternoon, DAP Petaling Jaya post up a notice on facebook saying that they will be at the ss2 basketball court to follow the election results. I initially thought not many would be coming, but a few hundred people showed up later around 8 pm despite the slight drizzle.

Excitement was in the air when the MC's announced DAP's wins one by one. But alas, we were not prepared for the bittersweet mood later in the evening.

Tony Pua was busy getting updates from a google spreadsheet document about the performance of DAP candidates throughout the country.

Rajiv won Bukit Gasing with a comfortable majority. His win was the first to be announced during the event.

Lau Weng San N35 Kg Tunku: Jumlah pemilih 32007, DAP 19762, BN 6077, Spoilt Vote 203, Unreturned vote 30, Majority 13685.

Admittedly, reports from PKR and PAS were sparse. Those in the crowd who had 3g devices managed to get the latest news from

Saudara Rajiv and wife.

A father's love never fades.

My good friend, Jason Lee whom I've known since my college days.

Participants bought DAP merchandise and asked the candidates to autograph them.

The MC congratulates Yeo Bee Yin

A reporter requests Tony to say a few words for the camera.

 Yeo Bee Yin's win is announced. Like the rest, she also won with a comfortable majority.

The candidates disappeared for more than an hour to collect the official documents of their win at the MBPJ Hall. However the mood was getting more somber as the audience knew that despite DAP's fantastic win in Selangor, they cannot take over Putrajaya.

There are many theories circulated regarding why Pakatan could not win the seats in rural areas. Yes, its true that the 'ubah' message has successfully penetrated urban areas, but as for rural folk, they are more conservative and depend heavily on handouts from the government. PKR needs new tactics to reach out to the rural folk.

I noticed no one looking more dejected than Bee Yin. This is her message for today :

Cry Malaysians cry, but only for a short while, there are a lot more things to do to achieve our dreams. For those who have made great effort to go to vote, thank you so much! Your votes might not translate into a change of government for now, but they have surely contributed to a better Malaysia in the future. Only when you voice out, that the government will be vigilant and accountable to you. You deserve better. Your votes in GE13 have also translated into great determination in me to ensure that I will do all I can to ensure Malaysia will one day be free from corruption, abuse of power and racism. We will go forward in unity and good economic progress. Indeed, the journey is longer than expected, but let's don't lose hope, let's continue to believe that when all of us come together, our dreams will come true one day.

The MC did not feel like breaking the bad news, so Tony Pua had to do the honors.

He thanked the DAP supporters for waiting up during the night, and everyone dispersed quietly.

If  'Ini Kalilah' didn't work , then I guess we have to wait 5 more years. I'm sure the 'ubah' spirit will not be diminished that easily.

update: I'm watching now where there is a press conference at the DAP headquarters regarding the inconsistencies in the electoral process.They want to hold the Election Comission responsible for the failure to ensure free and fair elections in Malaysia.



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