Friday, September 22, 2006

some more images from my bathroom project

Saturday, September 16, 2006


this is a bathroom project in the MYERS store, did it for archi design. was exploring the link between spectatorhip and privacy, true the use of opaque, semi transparent and transparent surfaces. it has 4 toilets, 2 showerrooms, 1 disabled cubicles, one urinal, 2 sinks.


Hi guys….

Tonight was a super awesome night for hillsong united. Me n a couple of frens arrived late at church, where we were confronted with the hall being ¾ full at City Life Church, an hour’s drive from Melbourne. We waited for half an hour, and then the action started. Most of their songs were from their newest album – United We Stand. If u guys haven’t listened to it…I recommended it highly. I was somewhere at the back rows, but the atmosphere was really awesome nonetheless. Everyone was singing at the top of their voices, praising God. I was really amazed at how good these guys were LIVE. I mean, their tracks on their CD was pretty good, but when u see the lighting effects, and hundreds of people jumping around you, with the speakers in front blasting away…that’s So cool.
In the middle of the session, their Youth Pastor, Mr. Dooley I think gave a compelling sermon about what United stood for. It was about sacrifice, and a bunch of ordinary people having ONE purpose – to serve the One and True God, Jesus Christ. And here’s an interesting quote – what’s the use of God’s armor if there’s no one willing to wear it, and stand for Jesus Christ?
The session ended with some of their lively songs, and then , because of the encore, Joel Houston and his 2 co-singers (this is the REAL United band, not their representatives mind you!) were jumping and screaming all around the stage. It was interesting to note that Joel was trying to rock the crowd just by using his acoustic guitar, but he did it anyway. The drummer (can’t remember his name though) was super adept, I learnt a few more cool beats by observing him.
BUT no matter how good the United band is, they are just an instrument to praise God. The object of our praise, whether in church, or any Christian rock concert, and in our daily lives, is our Lord Jesus. AMEN!

Yours in Christ,


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