Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Happy 8th August

The number 8 is an auspicious number for us Chinese because it means 'prosper' or 'wealth'. I guess thats why a lot of folks came to my shop today to take their passport photographs even though it is a weekday. And I reckon a lot of marriages happened today too in KL.

I've been reflecting a little by watching some videos on youtube about relationships. Some content spoke out to me, such as this:

The old line 'angry people always say things they don't mean' is counterbalanced by the equally old line that only when you are angry do you dare say what you really mean. Unfortunately, most of us also have a fairly total recall of things said to us in anger.

That's all I've to say for now. Good night folks.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Life gets blurry when u don't know your way

I've had a thing for taking photos on my smart phone recently, especially those with the free camera apps. Even if they're technically incompetent, they allow me to express freely and conveniently without having to go through the hassle of Photoshop or Lightroom, especially if I don't have a laptop at hand.

I came home exhausted around the stroke of midnight. I expected a nice, pleasant conversation, but it ultimately backfired. Things that were bad became worse.

I thought I had done things a little right by reading articles and watching video tutorials about this matter on youtube. I guess the timing just wasn't right. And my mind .. well.. I was too impatient to bulldoze through the whole thing. Sigh..

That's why I guess this picture speaks a lot about what I'm feeling at this point in time, at 3.25 am on August 4, 2011. Life gets blurry when u don't know your way. Sometimes if you're lucky, you've got someone beside you to guide you on to the right path. If you're on your own, you have to be responsible about your own fate.

Good night everyone.


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