Friday, October 27, 2006

dang! end of the semester

Hi all,

Its been some time since I’ve posted any news about myself, so here it goes.

Today was the last day uni for 2nd year archi. I’ve worked hard, and produced a very good design and presentation. I’ve been waiting for this day for 2 weeks, because I’m can’t wait for uni to end.

But now since uni has ended, what more is there to look forward to? I was hoping to celebrate with my course mates, which is a bit hard since I don’t know any of them personally. So its basically been a depressing night, watching anime instead of resting (which I know that I really need).

Tomorrow, is the day of EYES (Everyones Year End Show). Basically what we do is that there’ll be food and drink (alcohol included) and you go around looking at the work which the other architecture students have been doing. I on the other hand, have some issues about arrogance. Its like I always seem to say ‘Hey, you’re work’s good”while deep inside me something says – ‘I told you, Your’re the BEST’. How hypocritical of me to praise myself, when I know that I’ve got so much further to go! Oh God forgive me!

Oh yes, there’s the holidays to look forward to. I’ll be moving to a new place, a Christian Brothers’ Accommodation, where the rent is much cheaper over there, though it takes almost 2x the time to get to uni.

I’ll be flying back to KL on 9 Dec, but I’m not going back straight to Kuching. I’ll be stopping by Singapore to help out with Singapore Youth for Christ (SYFC). I’ve heard so much about them, but this time, I feel inspired to really do something in the youth missions field instead of sitting back crossing my arms. I believe that God has lead me there for a purpose, and I’ll be ready to fulfill His purpose on this trip.

I think that’s about all I’ve gotta share. Good luck in exams, ciao!



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