Monday, February 25, 2008

Jong's Crocodile Farm, Kuching

Today, Alvin and I decided to go for a 'tour' around Kuching to take photos using our SLRs.

Here are some flower pics I took in my garden while waiting for Alvin to pick me up

We visited Kuching Waterfront..

...and walked along the 'kaki lima' of Main Bazaar.

We had kolo mee for lunch

The ever-present Hilton Hotel

After lunch, we drove to Jong's Crocodile Farm at Mile 17. It now costs RM 10 for locals (Kuchingites/Sarawakians) to enter...what a rip off !

A beautiful set of teeth

I'm higher than all of you !

Not seeing eye-to-eye

They say lone male crocodiles are the most dangerous of all, and they're sentenced for life imprisonment here in their separate 'cell'.

Feeding time for the crocodiles is at 3pm. Today, its held at the pond with the biggest and meanest crocs [ pond 6].

I need a dentist

Battle of the giants

All in one accord

I've got you !

Bringing home the spoils of war

The first shall be last, and the last shall be first

Quiet in reflection

I noticed a demure looking monkey outside its cage and we decided to take its photo...

Unfortunately, after we did that, we got its message.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cat Museum, Kuching

The DBKU (Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara) building is another stately piece of architecture. Built on top of a hill, you are bound to see it among the Kuching city skyline.

I long to see the view of Kuching from the top of its tower..

There is a lovely park below the DBKU building...

...and you get to it by descending down these steps..

Its a pity the fountains located in the ponds aren't functioning any longer, and as far as I know, its not due to water shortages, unlike Melbourne !
You can see the Santubong mountain in the background

It's a pity this building isn't as white and pristine as it used to be, due to the lack of maintenance.

Headquarters for the Forestry Dept

The DUN building by Hijjas Kasturi... They probably do illegal racing here, hence the sports cars in front.

Wisma Bapa Malaysia, where most government offices are located. Another stately building, which reminds me of the Parliament House in KL

Olympus E-510 day shots in Kuching

After getting my new DSLR yesterday, I immediately drove to Kuching Waterfront to give it a try. This morning I was too excited to wait any longer, so I took it out with me for breakfast, and then drove around town to take pics of some significant landmarks.

Used the 14-42mm lens on macro mode for the dimsims. Probably next time, if I'm really serious about this, I'll invest in a 35mm or 50mm macro, costing RM 990 and RM 2000 respectively.

What a better venue to start off my trip than visiting my alma mater once again! I managed to talk to some of my teachers too; we had a good time catching up.

Some things always stay the same, no matter how long after you've left school

The church bell tower at St Joseph's Cathedral opposite the road. Come to think of it, it does look quite appealing

Took a pic of Wisma Saberkas on the way home from lunch

In the afternoon, after dropping my sis off at tuition, I resumed my journey at Friendship Park, Jalan Song.

This is one of the pavillions. For some SH*T reason, they've made all the pavilions and the main building inaccessible to the public...

Some flower pictures using 'macro' mode

The main gate of the complex always fascinates me in its architecture

Stone lions perpetually guard this gate

A very 'glam' piece of architecture by Hijjas Kasturi. Because of their 'funky' designs, the Chief Minister of Sarawak likes them, and subsequently all the important goverment buildings in Kuching are designed by him.

The gardens could have been kept in a better state, but I guess for Kuching standards, this is already very good.

Looking towards Hilton Hotel and Waterfront from Star Ciniplex. The Tua Peck Kong temple in the foreground is currently under some sort of renovation.

Looking towards Carpenter Street, where Chinatown is. You can see the DBKU museum at a distance on top of the hill.

Looking towards Hilton and Riverside from the waterfront.

What's todays catch?

Snapping a day time view of the tower and the Astana. The Sarawak Regatta is held annually along the river.

This crocodile 'cannon' looks pretty menacing.

Trying to snap a pic of the fisherman in a distance using my 40-150mm lens

Lo and behold... the gateway to Chinatown..

Another temple along Carpenter Street.


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