Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kuching Waterfront at night

Today, I just got my brand new Olympus E-510 DSLR camera from the Top Photo shop at Padungan. Olympus had a CNY offer which just ended yesterday. The twin lens kit (14-42mm and 40 - 300mm) retails for RM 3200, and it comes with a 2gb card (I got a tripod separately for RM 280, a genuine Olympus bag for RM 50, and 2 UV filters for RM 36)

This is how it looks like

After recharging the battery since 530pm this afternoon, I could not wait to give it a try, so I quickly drove to Kuching Waterfront the same night

The Astana , where the Governor of Sarawak resides. This is the default 'night shot' view.

A look out tower - its been closed to the public for several years now

At this time, the streets are quite empty, except for the presence of drunkards and loafers

Some of the eating places along the Waterfront

This place is supposedly open 24/7, but no one seems to be dining here

This shop opens quite late. The ais kacang shop operating next to it on the left is quite popular.

These are some macro shots I took with my Nikon compact camera a few days ago. The flowers are from my garden.


changyang1230 said...

Hey you told me you were not going to buy a SLR. :P Great to see you with a new toy. If you don't mind a piece of opinion, do consider investing in an external flash for indoor photography purposes, even though the olympus already has built-in image stabilisation.

I look forward to seeing more great pictures from you! :)

changyang1230 said...

Anyway 300mm on an Olympus is crazily telephoto (equivalent to 600mm in 35mm standard). Will love to see it some time. :P

SooHK said...

congrats on your purchase...


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