Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Docklands and Melbourne CBD pics

Visit to Singapore museum

My architectural pilgrimage to the Singapore Museum in January 2007 with a good friend of mine. The skybridge between the old and new blocks is excellent because it retains the relationship between the buildings.

form z exercises

if only we had learnt rhino / sketchup at time, it would have been much more useful...sigh

ad1b brick clock tower project

We were to design a clock tower from bricks on a tight site and corner collins and elisabeth st.

ad2b sherlock holmes project

plate 1

promotion poster

Run by Dr Derham Groves, this project attempts to analyze selected Sherlock Holmes projects using cleverly designed 3d artefacts which were then exhibited in an underground public gallery at Collins St. Our group analysed 'the retired colorman' story.

ad1a pasta bridge project

The first ad1a project that i did. We were to build a pasta bridge (with lots of construction glue of course!) and then test it with a brick. Fortunately, my tutor took off the brick just as it was cracking, and it did not end on the floor like others.

ad2b work portfolio

plate 1

plate 2

plate 3

plate 4

Reposting ad2b portfolio.

ad2a project

international cultural center for games development


Monday, June 25, 2007

ad3a semester school project

plate 1

plate 2

OCF invitation card design


This is an invitation card for a social event at our church

graphic design work for a friend

july camp bookmarks

I also designed some bookmarks to raise funds for the camp. As i can remember, 1 for $1.50, 3 for $4.

july camp booklet cover

This week is OCF July Camp (basically my church youth camp) from 29 june - 2july. been a busy week of designing for me..

This is a panorama of the camp site, the owners dog is in the foreground. To the left is a pole for flying fox. You basically climb up there and fly down like superman

old artwork

this is an old oil painting i recovered from one of my cds. Did it in form 4 , 4 hours per week for 2 months i think. frame cost me rm150 plus i think.


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