Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lan Berambeh Anak Sarawak 2013 Youth Conference & Career Fair

I had the opportunity to help out during the Lam Berambeh Anak Sarawak 2013 fair at PWTC last Sunday. It was a great experience for me to see so many Sarawakians during the event. Although I could only make it in the afternoon due to work commitments, I had a nice time nonetheless.

 Career talk (L-R) Azlan Iskandar, Dr Abdul Rahman, Jason Lo, Dr Madeline

Notes written at the time capsule.

 I saw several families there with young children interacting with the booths.

Short group photo with the moderator and the speakers.

A designer explaining his creations to Dato Sri Effendi Norwawi and wife.

My pals Hazwan and Ryan from Pemandu with Dr Effendi.

There was quite a bit of time to spare before the dinner began so I had to wait patiently in the large hall.

Since I look 'pro' enough to look as a press photographer, I shot some of the ministers  - Alfred Jabu, Datuk Awang Nassar and Dr Jerip. Dr Jerip has been a family friend for a number of years. Fortunately he still remembers me.

 Chief Minister YB Abdul Taib Mahmud arrives for the dinner.

 Puan Sri Ragad Taib and Pn Sri Empiang Ak Entah.

 Our TYT (Tuan Yang Terutama) arrives at the scene.

 I thought photographing Najib or Muhyiddin was tough enough with all their bodyguards. Unfortunately the TYT has lots of people around him too.

 VVIPs seated at the table.

Datuk Fadillah Yusof.

 Our CM delivers his speech.

Students had to queue up for their food. Some came as far north as Perlis to attend this event and were supposed to go back the same evening by bus as their accomodation was not accounted for.

 Getting ready to launch the event.

Abang Johari, Alfred Jabu, Abdul Taib and TYT looking at the TV during a short video presentation.

Cutting the Sarawak 50th Anniversary cake.

Simple food for the evening.

Cultural presentation - you can see one daily at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching.

Hazwan requested a once in a lifetime shot with our CM.. This is the best I could manage.

Cheerful attendees dancing in front of the stage. Thankfully the VVIPs don't seem to mind that at all.

Organizing committee from Pemandu.

Last presentation for the evening.

Our TYT takes his leave.

I think our CM Taib Mahmud was purposely looking at me for this shot.. Who knows? :)

Thats all folks.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Langkawi, June 2013

I visited Langkawi about 2 weeks ago to settle some issues. Without revealing too much, lets just say all good things come to an end.

I was to be traveling alone most of the time, so I booked a Perodua Myvi from a friend who works at a tourist company for RM 80 a day. It was a nice car to drive around. I had to plan my excursions carefully as I only had limited time to go to the places that I haven't been. First stop was Pantai Tanjung Rhu on the way to the Crocodile Farm at Datai Bay.

 It was raining for the past few weeks in Langkawi, but I was fortunate enough to endure a slight drizzle when I visited the crocodile farm.

For some reason, the crocs here look meaner and tougher than the ones I saw in Jong's crocodile farm back home. I guess its because they are kept in cramped conditions, where only the meanest survive (I'm exagerrating, but you get my point).

And here is my favorite part of the show :) If some misfortune indeed occurs, my 70-200 lens will be the first to capture it.

 Feeding time at the pond. I don't think the rotten fish that they feed the crocs is ever enough. But they do feed them daily, so that compensates for the big meals that they normally have in the wild.

 The crocs jaws are only half a meter away from the keeper's fingers. He's lucky to keep all his fingers at the moment.

 A remnant from the recently concluded general elections.

 I like this :)

 The craft museum, despite being well equipped with stuff does not facilitate the process of appreciating what really goes on in here, unlike museums in the west. Its really dark inside, and the words are mostly in the Malay language. No wonder no foreign tourists come by.

 This is Pantai Pasir Hitam at Teluk Yu. The sand is black due to iron deposits. In a distance, you can see a cement factory owned by a french company.

 I stopped at a small jetty near Pantai Tengah. To the right, you can see Awana Porto Malai resort, which is currently owned by Resorts World Genting.

If you are lucky enough to own a boat like this, you can park at the islands nearby and sleep under the stars while dozing to sleep with the sounds of the sea all around you.

The famous Pantai Cenang.

I was dying for Western food in Langkawi, so we went to Sun Cafe. The cordon bleu was excellently prepared, and it is very affordable at only RM 30. Yes, you can get it cheaper at Secret Recipe but it doesn't taste as good.

 This is grilled barracuda fillet. Tastes great, and really worth it at RM 36. All in all, dinner for two with drinks costs no more than RM 100. Lovely !

I will really miss this town and what it has to offer. Not too underdeveloped, but has the right amount of facilities to sustain a small population of locals and an even smaller group of expatriates and tourists.

 I'll miss the blue blue skies and blue waters. And the fresh air of course (I know, its not exactly appropriate to say that during this hazy period).

Did some exploring on my own. Just a five minute walk from my motel, I am blessed with this scenery all around me.

View towards Bayview Hotel, the largest hotel in Kuah.

Goodbye Langkawi. You'll be dearly missed !


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