Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Maiu Japanese Ala Carte Daily Buffet

I was quite hungry when I woke up this morning, so I had an idea to try out the ala carte buffet at Maiu Japanese Restaurant in Damansara Perdana with my brother and our housemate. You can easily look up its location on Google Maps.

The joint has a nice ambiance to it. This is the more 'traditional' Japanese section with dim lights, comfortable chairs and even private rooms where you sit down on tatamis to have your meal.

Question - What happens when 3 hungry Malaysian blokes enter a Japanese buffet restaurant ? They 'attack' almost everything from the menu, of course. Gambateh !

After waiting patiently for about 15 minutes, the first course came - tempura prawns with vegetables. Nicely battered and very crispy.

Overall, this place is quite value for money considering the food standard is better than Sushi King. I'll let the pictures do the talking. I'm still quite full from the buffet.

Deep fried tofu

  Japanese sushi roll

 Beef yakitori

 The japanese version of chicken satay.

 California roll

 Soft shell crab

 First serving of sashimi - swordfish, tuna, salmon

 Second serving of sashimi.

Steamed egg

 Garlic rice

 Green tea ice cream

 Potato salad

 Second serving of beef satay.

 Stirfried baby octopus


Second serving of soft shell crab sushi

 Stirfried chicken

As delicious as the food looks and tastes, I'd like to warn you that there are dire consequences for not finishing your food. So be careful to order according to your stomach's capacity !

Monday, April 09, 2012


Read this from an article today featuring Huzir Sulaiman and Claire Wong whom I shot today at the 80th birthday party of former Primary Industries Ministry Secretary General, Tan Sri G.K. Rama Iyer at his house in Ampang.

Huzir started teaching his playwriting class at NUS in 2007, and since then, about 70 students have passed through the doors of his classroom.

One of them is Laremy Lee, 29, who was from his first batch of playwriting students. Two of Lee's plays, Radio Silence and Full Tank, have been staged by Singapore theatre company Wild Rice.

Lee, now a teacher, continues to hold Huzir in high esteem. He says: 'Huzir always called us playwrights long before we even started believing we were artists. The respect he accorded us helped us to respect ourselves and our own abilities.'

He adds: 'One of Huzir's favourite feedback phrases is 'okay lah'. When he first did that, I thought to myself, 'Huh? What does 'okay lah' mean? How is it supposed to help me improve?' 'But after a while, I realised that 'okay lah' meant just that - okay lah, keep going, keep doing what you're doing. Because it's not that the writing isn't good, there just wasn't a need to pad the feedback with superfluous praise.'


So a good way to not be superfluous as a Malaysian - is to just say Okay lah.

Cheers !

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Majlis Pelancaran Sistem Tukar Milik Sementara (STMS)

 Sometimes I'm being sent to places cover assignments where I do not know what's the agenda. Yesterday was no exception. It was only some time after I arrived at Toyota TopMark when I knew that the event was quite 'official' - it was the launch of the Interim Ownership Transfer System (or STMS).

According to the Malaysian Insider, this system 'prevents car owners from getting fines, summonses and installment notices from financial institutions after they have sold their cars to used car dealers'. You may read the full news here and here

 The guest of honor was the Minister of Transport, Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha.

 Group photos with VIPs are always great to have.

 Speech by CEO of, Ganesh Kumar Bangah.

 The conference room was packed to the brim with invited guests and the media.

The Federation of Motor and Credit Companies Association of Malaysia , Datuk Tony Chor.

 It was challenging to get a clear shot of the guests with all the camera men from the media even though I'm the main event photographer... sigh

 A 'demo' of the system with a beautiful customer.

 A photographer asked 'Datuk, can you please demo the system again?' Datuk Kong Cho Ha responded 'Absoulutely, but she would have to sell another car again !'  = = "

 The media conference is packed with journalists, cameramen and videographers as usual.

 One of the reporters posed a question about the details of the bus crash in Genting, but it was immediately dismissed.

 Two genuine customers trying out the system after all the hype. It obtains your Mykad details directly from government servers to reduce the possibility of fraud, I presume.

Its challenging being an event photographer, because in addition to the shots of the entire event, I especially can't miss the important ones. Like most photojournalists say, 'You either get the shot, or you're screwed big time'.

Thanks for reading!


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