Monday, September 12, 2011

A birthday dinner

I miss being able to shoot for myself. Shooting what I like, without any preconceived ideas, and being worried about what others say about the stuff I shoot. As such, these are just a collection of images I've shot during a recent OCF gathering. Nothing fancy, just a group of friends coming together for dinner at a local restaurant.

I'm a big fan of quantity vs quality, as well as the cheaper the better. Although the Jap food was satisfactory, the Klang bak kut teh I had the following morning was heavenly.

IGEM 2011 & Eco Model show

I had the privilege to attend the 2nd IGEM (International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia) at KLCC on the first day of its launch.

This is the Eco Lifestyle booth showcasing some dresses using environmentally friendly fabrics.

Some familiar faces from the Eco Model Search. Please view this page for an official press coverage.

 Group photo with FMM President YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Mustafa Mansur.

Listening to a briefing by the materials designer.

Your local organic fruit store. The seedless grapes and raisins were delicious, I kid you not !

Proton's green city concept. As always, some concepts in Malaysia just don't take off because of our government's red tape.

I wonder what spy cameras have to do with this conference.

 Eco friendly Porch, but not so friendly price tag.

 I love this cool tree planted right in the center of the booth.

 Their products are very well designed. I would buy them instantly, if they weren't too expensive.

 Old concept - save paper by printing on both on both side. But with todays emails and internet phones, our reliance on paper should be even less, right?

 The eco concept can be taken as far as designing a whole Eco city, as what they're attempting to do in China. Lets hope this venture can help to clear some of China's air pollution.

 The Hibikii booth had a rather 'interior design' concept, which was interesting. I can imagine the wiring took ages to assemble.

 Rain water collection.

 Blue scope steel.

An aerial view of the hall from the top deck of the Dulux Pavillion.

 Some backstage photos with th eeco models.

 Its show time!

Tuanku Muhriz ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir,Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan yang ke-11.

Signing the guest book at the organic fruit store.

Pn Sri Anita, Tan Sri Mustafa walking alongside the Yang di Pertuan's wife.

Signing another guest book.

That's all for now folks. Hope you've enjoyed this 'mini coverage' of IGEM 2011. I just wish I had more time to discover what this exhibition had in store. See you next year!


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