Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Food @ july camp

Food presentation is definitely very important to appeal to the eyes. These are 2 dishes from our winter camp, which i think are presented nicely, and taste great. (sadly, i'm yet to find pics of the other food. We had dimsum breakfast, kimchi rice, seafood tomyam and plenty of deserts too).

chicken rice. one of the best dishes at camp

hokkien noodles with minced meat, diced cucumbers and chilli

fruits are not meant to be eaten, but to be displayed :P

bad dog, no dinner for you tonight!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

OTS visit 2007

Dodgy canteen

Its been 10 yrs since I've been back to OTS to see the teachers. Well, I managed to organise a visit with Joven and Adeline (with a lil' help from Aaron's youngest sis) early this year.
Well, any changes? you might ask. Well:
Cikgu Sadun - earning big bucks giving tuition (in a new, separate house). Passionate about cars (with chrome wheels and bright lights, mind you!)
Cikgu Theresa - the last Chinese teacher around in morning session. All the others have retired.
Other than that the school is basically the SAME color and buildings since we left primary 6. Hopefully the government won't be so stingy to make some improvements. Its a shame to see the school that we cherish end up even worse in the future. Perhaps after we're working and earning some big bucks, we could contribute something back to the school? winks :)
Here are some photos. Enjoy!
ps: Oh yeah, cikgu Lucy (thought me in primary 3) is the same as ever! chatty and stuff. Went to her house during CNY and me and my mum (well mostly my mum) had a good chat about what has been happening so far to OTS. I'll tell you guys next time when i get the chance.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cyborg Name Decoder

Saw this on a friend's blog. Thanks Ben!

Cycling at Docklands

My friend, sugi.
Melbourne's tallest tower, the Eureka is to the center right. The tall one on the left is by a Jap architect. The one at the center left was the tallest for some time.

Nice apartments. I think my arch firm did the tower on the left.

if 1 boat = 1 ferrari, which one would you choose?

Ferraris at Crown Casino

the coolest looking among the lot

looks like my toy car i had when i was 10

was kind of expecting a better show at the casino, but what the heck, u go there to spend big bucks, not see cars! I can't even go up close and take a peek at the car interior :(

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Food Glorious Food

Its been a while since i've updated the blog, so I'll start with sth which is very close to me... homecooked food :P

eggplant with prawns.
saute the eggplants with salt until medium cooked, then add in prawns, soy sauce and sugar.

my dish alongside tomyam souop and dominoes pizza

rissoles with rice
add rissoles with purple onions, soy sauce on top of rice before cooking. simple and tasty.

stirfry luncheon meat with eggs and tauge.
U'd probably notice by now that i like to add spring onions for extra flavour.

last one for the day - thai green curry chicken
my friend taught me that stirfrying the dish actually brings out the flavour of the herbs better, and i find it to be true.

okay thats all for now. If you'd like a more 'detailed' recepie, email me and i'll get back to you. Cheers!


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