Thursday, August 23, 2007

OTS visit 2007

Dodgy canteen

Its been 10 yrs since I've been back to OTS to see the teachers. Well, I managed to organise a visit with Joven and Adeline (with a lil' help from Aaron's youngest sis) early this year.
Well, any changes? you might ask. Well:
Cikgu Sadun - earning big bucks giving tuition (in a new, separate house). Passionate about cars (with chrome wheels and bright lights, mind you!)
Cikgu Theresa - the last Chinese teacher around in morning session. All the others have retired.
Other than that the school is basically the SAME color and buildings since we left primary 6. Hopefully the government won't be so stingy to make some improvements. Its a shame to see the school that we cherish end up even worse in the future. Perhaps after we're working and earning some big bucks, we could contribute something back to the school? winks :)
Here are some photos. Enjoy!
ps: Oh yeah, cikgu Lucy (thought me in primary 3) is the same as ever! chatty and stuff. Went to her house during CNY and me and my mum (well mostly my mum) had a good chat about what has been happening so far to OTS. I'll tell you guys next time when i get the chance.



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