Thursday, August 16, 2007

Food Glorious Food

Its been a while since i've updated the blog, so I'll start with sth which is very close to me... homecooked food :P

eggplant with prawns.
saute the eggplants with salt until medium cooked, then add in prawns, soy sauce and sugar.

my dish alongside tomyam souop and dominoes pizza

rissoles with rice
add rissoles with purple onions, soy sauce on top of rice before cooking. simple and tasty.

stirfry luncheon meat with eggs and tauge.
U'd probably notice by now that i like to add spring onions for extra flavour.

last one for the day - thai green curry chicken
my friend taught me that stirfrying the dish actually brings out the flavour of the herbs better, and i find it to be true.

okay thats all for now. If you'd like a more 'detailed' recepie, email me and i'll get back to you. Cheers!



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