Thursday, December 27, 2007

Visit to Falls Creek Part 1

We got back early from our trip today, so I'd thought I'd do some blogging.

A typical Aussie bush landscape on our way to our destination.

The local cows were a little suprised with our presence, but they resumed their feeding shortly after that.

This is a lookout point for Mt. Bogong. It says that the mountain is the tallest in Victoria at 1986 meters.

View of Mt Bogong at a distance.

We reached the mountain in 30 mins. The trees are bare because of a forest fire a few months ago.

Some shrubs growing along the side of the road look quite pretty.

View of Falls Creek town.

There were some nice flowers growing in the planter boxes next to the apartment blocks.

We booked return tickets to the top of the mountain for $10 each using cable cars.

This slow, relaxing ride is an important component of your visit to Falls Creek.

To those who're afraid of heights, a cable car can be a llittle daunting.

Leaving the town behind us.

The hills are covered in fresh, green grass in summer.

View to my right

View to my left

About halfway to the top.

The view from the top is amazing ! But alas, our experience could've been magical if not for the....

...FLIES ! Yes, Imagine tons of them swarming around you and landing on your clothes and skin. Oh yes, the big ones do bite ! Its just their way of being friendly to visitors. Fortunately, we didn't eat our lunch on top of the mountain.

The indegenious plants on top of the mountain. Yes, this picture looks very nice, but imagine trying to take it with flies landing on your face and mouth !

I've just made it convenient for all of you to enjoy the beautiful scenery without the flies !

The lone hut.

Descending back to the town.

We chose to eat lunch (chicken sandwich) on the way down from the cable car. It was ecstacy!

Whew, thats all for my post today. Part 2 will be published soon. Cheers !


Hi guys,

I am currently blogging 'live' from Wodonga. I'll be holidaying here for 3 days 2 nights. Will post more pics after I get back to Melbourne. Cheers!

Evening view of the Murray River from the top of the Hume Dam in Albury

View of the Murray River from Noreuil Park in Albury.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Devin brought my family to Williamstown two Saturdays ago.

There are several cannons guarding the coastline

In the 1880s, he Victorians were paranoid that the Russians or other nations would be stealing their gold; hence the purchase of the cannons.

Its good to see some people still using vintage cars for their weddings.

The deck is still pretty wet from the rain earlier.

Patiently waiting for the next catch.

A starfish was washed up at the end of the boardwalk, so I tried taking some close-up pictures.

On another jetty was the Castlemaine belonging to the Royal Australian Navy.

Judging from its present condition, the ship must have been around for quite a while (at least 30 years).

The machine gun on top looks awesome.

They even offer flights of the bay using planes too. I wonder if their rates are cheaper than the ones in Geelong.

We ended the day with fresh fish and chips from 'Top of the Bay'.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is good, especially after u've left junk in the house for more than 10 years...

The trash we cleared out was dumped onto the veranda first.

Throwing out garbage can be therapeutic, as shown by Roy and Andrew (OCF Adelaide).

Grace & TS hard at work in the kitchen...

Its really not an easy job cleaning this amount of grime and oil.

In the evening, some of the 'cleanup crew' went for dinner at Aunty Oi Lee's place.

Salad with prawns and oranges

The roasting chicken portions from Safeway look great too.

Capsicum, squid and champignons

Crackling pork. The skin is so crispy, yum !

Spaghetti in garlic and cauliflower 'paste'

Peaches for dessert

Portugese egg tarts

Served with ice cream, they make a deadly combination...

Yummy !


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