Monday, December 17, 2007

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is good, especially after u've left junk in the house for more than 10 years...

The trash we cleared out was dumped onto the veranda first.

Throwing out garbage can be therapeutic, as shown by Roy and Andrew (OCF Adelaide).

Grace & TS hard at work in the kitchen...

Its really not an easy job cleaning this amount of grime and oil.

In the evening, some of the 'cleanup crew' went for dinner at Aunty Oi Lee's place.

Salad with prawns and oranges

The roasting chicken portions from Safeway look great too.

Capsicum, squid and champignons

Crackling pork. The skin is so crispy, yum !

Spaghetti in garlic and cauliflower 'paste'

Peaches for dessert

Portugese egg tarts

Served with ice cream, they make a deadly combination...

Yummy !

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h3l3n said...

horribly yummy..


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