Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Farm animals at Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne

There was a farm animal show at Flagstaff Gardens last Friday.

I've never seen so many animals confined in one tiny space before in my entire life.

The kids love the petting the animals

I'd like to think the birds with the bushy feathers are chickens

This dog was very excited to see so many animals.

Dinner time = All-you-can-eat straw.

The white bunny just sat in the corner and didn't want to come out. Maybe its scared of me.

This calf has a really 'sien' (aka fed up) look. I guess overexposure to humans isn't a good thing.

Guinea pigs

At least they provided free dinner: potato salad, coleslaw, bread, veggie burger and bbq chicken

Moving on to some random pics:

This guy obviously has too much money to by a Mercedes coupe.

Viewing the train tracks from the bridge on Toorak Rd.

Waiting for the train from South Yarra station

Life's too short - lets all go and ride on a shark

March of the red dots

I recently bought this 2007 Tempus Two Moscato. I'll post some more pics after I've tried it.

I'll end with two of my stirfried meals:

Stir fried luncheon meat, cauliflower and chicken

Stirfried chicken and egg.



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