Saturday, July 09, 2011

Eco Model Search 2011 Day 1

A week ago, I had an awesome opportunity to be the official photographer of the Eco Model Search Competition as my company was one of their sponsors. It was held in the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Ampang from 27-30 June. So while the memories are still fresh in my mind, I'd like to some blogging about it ;)

Spontaneous photos are fun. Yeah! :)

Doubletree kindly provided all the facilities required for the event, such as their premium suites, meeting rooms, and even food! :)

It was a rainy morning that day - thats why no people can be seen wading in the pool.

The makan kitchen on the 11th floor of the complex has an extensive selection of dishes to suit from. I had quite a lot of meals there (thanks to them for sponsoring the meals too), and I can say the food is quite good.

Eco Models enjoying breakfast.

The schedule's really packed over the next few days.

The first session was by Shoeville. They sell *Shoephisticated and exclusive branded shoes from Brazil*, and they're quite comfortable too (of course the models told me that. My feet would have never fitted into their shoes)

This eco model search is the pet project of Pn Sri Anita pictured here.

The Shoeville ladies had a great time explaining their products to their enthusiastic audience.

As expected, the photos taken from their I phones and blackberries are immediately uploaded to facebook. And my Nikon D3 can't even do that! :s

Shoeville discount vouchers makes everyone happy. :)

The models had the opportunity to try out the heels in preparation for the photoshoot and catwalks later in the week.

Everyone *smile* for Shoeville! :)))))))))))))

Guess who popped by in town for a group photo with the girls ? ;)

The next session was by Living Nature, a New Zealand company that manufacturers all natural cosmetic products.

The presenter claimed that the chemicals used in current day cosmetics might have long term effects for our skin.

The presenter explained that during the exfoliation process through using one of their products, the participants skin may experience more sweating than usual because the product removes the blockages in the skin pores caused my other conventional cosmetics.

Trying out facial products is fun! :)

Fun group photo with the Living Nature presentation team.

Lunch at Makan Makan Kitchen. I was still pretty full from the buffet breakfast earlier, so I couldn't make the most out of the extensive buffet spread.

Next up was a brief make up course by Kai Academy. They also happen to use Living Nature products.

"The way how you shape your eyebrows is very important to deliver the look you want to portray".

 Its great to be the only thorn among the roses at times :)

The girls tried on attire by Pink Jambu.

 I love the Nikon 85/1.4D for portraits. The shallow DOF and bokeh is amazing!

 Pn Anita, a veteran model thought the contestants the basics of cat walking.

Some had official training, while others needed to do somework to get to the desired level. Nonetheless, it was an eye opener for most.

That ends my post for Day One. Stay tuned for Day Two. 

Cheers, and Good night!



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