Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eco Model Search 2011 Day 2 [part 1]

My oh my. Nearly a month has passed since Eco Model Search 2011 began, and I have not continued blogging about it for AGES! I hope to finish everything up before the finale of the event which happens next week.

Today, the Eco Models are going out on a short excursion to KLCC with some orphaned kids. And to adhere with the green agenda, they will be walking, hence the sandals and sport shoes. Its also a good excuse to shave off the extra calories from all the yummy food at Makan Makan Restaurant.

The kids were quite excited to meet up with their new found friends.

The kids are being paired up with the models. Only the girls get to hold hands. For the boys.. well.. tough luck.

Twins who're about to be *separated. Just for a few hours.  =)

I was moderately sweaty when we reached KLCC Park around 11am.

From the official Eco Lifestyle handbook the models taught the kids green concepts, and how they could possibly use readily available eco-friendly products to give back a little to mother nature.

I'm not sure how much the kids understood from the eco models, but they did seem to enjoy it at least.

Oh yes, there's definitely an eco agenda here.

Anna giving her kid some make up tutorials.

We gathered at the entrance of the Suria KLCC shopping center for a short photo and shouted '1 Malaysia' to the amazement of all the other shoppers.

Our lunch treat was on the Full House outlet on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. But in order to get there, everyone had to sweat it out by walking in the sweltering noon heat. At least our stomachs were ready for lunch by the time we got there.
This looks yummy! :)

So whats on the menu? Spaghetti in cream sauce with basil seasoning and cherry tomatoes

The ice lemon tea was very refreshing considering the afternoon heat.

The cakes were quite tasty too.

Jujus and Pn Sri

We all love Fullhouse.... Yeah!

We assembled back at the hotel lobby.

It was suggested that the models give the kids some catwalk sessions. And so they did, happily.

Future models in the making? Who knows..;)

Thats not all of course. The afternoon was just getting started with a presentation by Justlife Shop.

Among the topics covered were the health benefits of having an organic, eco friendly, vegetarian diet.

The young plants look so vibrant and green!

 Justlife in-house chef Jimmy Tan demonstrated how to prepare some healthy food. He hopes to inspire others with wholesome cooking with simple and healthy recipes made with fresh ingredients.

 You can literally see the chlorophyll goodness swimming around in the fruit and vegetable smoothie. You need quite a powerful blender for that, of course.

 You need to get used to the taste, but its very pleasant once you consume it.

 Tossing the salad after adding some fresh orange puree for sweetness.

The good thing about salad is that it doesn't overwhelm your stomach and body. The fibre and healthy stuff in there helps to keep your body from feeling hungry too.

The eco models were invited to try out a meatless diet for two weeks.

Joan posted up images of her daily vegetarian diet for each day of the two weeks. Impressive!

Everybody go wild with Justlife, Yeah!

If the salad from Justlife didn't make them full, not to worry. The chefs from Makan Makan Kitchen were ready to show the Eco Models a thing or two about cooking vegetables. All three kitchens (Malay, Chinese, Indian) had a the same ingredient - organic cabbage all the way from Genting Highlands. Hmm.. sounds a little like Iron chef, doesn't it?

It should be noted that some of the participants do not have much (or any) experience in the kitchen, hence the knives could be pretty dangerous.

Some girls in the Indian kitchen had teary eyes because they had to cut the onions!

 Approved !

The chef showing the right way how things are done.

 I love organic vegetables!

 There you go.. stewed vegetables in cream broth.

 The Malay kitchen finished the quickest. Oh well.. small portions cook faster it seems.

Masak beramai ramai (Cooking en masse) in the Indian kitchen looks like a lot of fun.

 In the chinese kitchen however, things look much more serious with the large woks and steam rising from the stirfried vegetables.

 The vegetables in the Indian kitchen look yellow because of the tumeric ingredients.

Savoring the cabbage dishes cooked in all three kitchens.

All the models are required to do a catwalk  during the Gala Dinner, hence the intensive catwalk training.

Having a good, straight back is imperative. The coaches taught the models how to stand against a wall with their arms outstretched. Seems rather torturous to me, but that's the price for being a model.

 I'm trying to 'like' this, I really am! :p

 Doing the catwalk together.

A view from the room at the end of the day. The eco models certainly accomplished on day 2. Stay tuned for day 3. 

Cheers !

[You may view the photos from day 1 here.]



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