Monday, June 20, 2011

being raw

Spent time with a pal yesterday. Though we don't catch up that often, but everytime we do, its a refreshing thing.

He has an uncanny, raw passion for life. He can joke with you, but poke you at the same time.

He can be funny, but really damn serious at the same time.

He takes no prisoners. I guess why he isn't liked by some because he is being so real instead of being fake and pretentious.

I sought his advise yesterday as a senior but at the same time our minds are at the same frequency.

Perhaps it wasn't the advice that I was looking for, but at least I started to become more refreshed an inspired to do something bold.

We started talking about work. Then he challenged me with something uncanny.

You must put on my best attitude and smile at work. Give my all - 200%

What? You must be joking

Yes, just do that.

Then, just as they thought that that you are coping so well and being so dedicated, drop the ball, and leave.


Do that with an open mind. But do not expect anything. 

You came to work at this place, expecting to learn everything from A - Z. But you didn't. Perhaps you didn't learn A, B, C, but have learnt everything else from D to Z, minus a few letters. See the bigger picture. That you have grown this past year.

I was chatting with a few friends about you too.


Yeah, and I've told them how much you've grown over the past year. Just by looking at what you've written on your blog.

After you returned to Malaysia, perhaps you were a bit shaky and didn't know what to do. But now you do, and you have a vision, and a purpose.

Pursue that purpose the Brandon Eu Way. No one can do it for you, except yourself.

I thought you wouldn't last long at your workplace, with the crap pay, and indifferent colleagues. But you did.

You have proved yourself just by that and not like a piece of cloth flying in the air wherever the wind blows.

I guess a bit of encouragement can go a long way to make your day. I'm still reeling myself in from what I've been experiencing the past few days.

Thanks pal.



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