Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello my old friend. Welcome back.

All of us make mistakes in life. We will make them anyway whether we like it or not, because we're all just human.

Some mistakes are forgivable, some aren't. But they all have consequences. And when you do a crime against someone whom you really care about, the consequences are disastrous.

Its like the shepard boy who cried wolf. When he tricked his villagers the third time to come to his aid, the wolves really came and wiped out all of his sheep.

Of course, we can always try to justify ourselves. We can talk and rant until the cows come home, but it won't work. The mutual trust ain't there anymore. The person who was the closest to you, is suddenly the most distant.

At times, you just don't realise how precious something is to you, until it is really, really, gone.

You miss the moments and things you do together. Suddenly there is no more laughter, and you start thinking why you have more time in your hands.

My mom always told me, hold something with an open hand. If you clench your fists too tightly, you'll only hurt yourself.

Some wounds are just a nick on the surface. But some wounds will last a lifetime and have roots that are connected to the core of our hearts.

The wounds will eventually become vague and blurrier, because our brain remembers what we want to remember and stores away what we want to hide from our past.

Some researchers say people who block out unpleasant memories or issues may enjoy short-term gains but emotionally detaching themselves causes long-term consequences. They try to protect themselves by covering up things. But as always, this is life. We can control something, but not everything.

My name is Brandon Eu. And today, I would like to admit that I am proudly and regretfully, an imperfect human being.


And thereafter a long, lingering,       S       i       l       e       n       c       e

Nothing moves. Nothing breathes. No laughter. Gloom. Blurriness. Darkness.

Hello my old friend. Welcome back.



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