Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why I am proud to be Sarawakian

It's been AGES since I've last blogged, so let me start once again with something close to my... stomach :-D

My grandparents took me and my siblings for breakfast today at an establishment which specializes in Foochow food. (Unfortunately I don't know the name, because it is in chinese characters). The premises is very near to Sarawak Plaza

Exterior of the cafe

It has a view of the wharf. It was cloudy this morning; Kuching has been raining a lot (Oh how I miss the dry Melbourne weather ! )

Thirst quencher - Milo with ice

Mee sua - Typically eaten during Chinese New Year for long life. The soup is slightly reddish because it is mixed with red chinese wine. This shop serves it with a piece of chicken drumstick fillet.

The chicken meat on the drumstick is so tender!

A Malaysian classic - Char kuay teow. The noodles are stirfried with soya sauce, and bean sprouts, fried egg and lots of other stuff are added to it. Personally, I like the ones with clams (despite having a health warning for Hepatitis B, as my mom claims). Anyway, moving on....

Fried soup noodles (direct translation from Hokkien) - Fresh yellow noodles stirfried with vegetables, fish cakes, and meat; the soup is added at the end.

The noodles are slightly charred, which gives evidence of the stirfry process.

Beef noodles. This variant is drier as compared to the beef noodles at the open air market, and is slightly spicier. The beef is sooo tender !

This dish is bursting with flavor !

The day before, I was at Foody Goody Center near Muara Tabuan to savour the Sarawak laksa there.

Appetizers - A selection of kuih for rm 1.50. I love dipping the yu char kueh (on the extreme right) into the laksa sauce

Yes! - the unrivaled Sarawak laksa. Vermicelli in a unique curry sauce served with chicken, prawns, and bean sprouts. [Large - RM 5]

More food posts to come - stay tuned !

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Aleckii said...

AH DANG! All those pictures make me want to kill myself more!

Wait... you haven't seen MY creation of the Sarawak Laksa, have you?

Drumroll please...


I made that myself hokay? With sambal to boot somemore! Muahaha!

Sarawak Laksa in Russia, what are the odds?


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