Thursday, June 24, 2010

Best char siew in PJ?

Toast & Roast
No. 20, Jln SS2 / 72, PJ

Upon recommendation by a friend, we went to test the claim if the char siew at Toast and Roast in PJ is indeed as good as it sounds.

The drinks there are quite pleasant. I order a small cup of hot milk tea, elegantly served in the cups and plates which are synonymous with Old Town Ipoh White coffee..

My brother ordered the chicken and charsiew rice. For its asking price (RM 6), it is indeed quite meagre.

I ordered the 'turbo rice' consisting of char siew, siew yoke (crispy skin pork) and roast chicken drumstick for RM 7.50.

Whats so special about this char siew? It has a caramelized appearance, with a crispy, sweet surface, and its very tender. Quite distinctive from the typical char siew that you get from normal shops.

Would I return here despite the steeper price and the small portions? On occasions, I would :)

I did a bit of walking around the area too. I note with interest how break ins can easily occur through these small little alleys if someone just comes and snaps the locks to your back door.

I guess the folks of KL are very insecure. If you'd like to visit a friend, Sometimes you have to present your identification card, and they give you a big 'visitor' sign. Unfortunately, its not just one neighbourhood. They're everywhere! And yet, break ins are still rampant around here. How ironic. Such neighbourhood patrols are unheard of in Kuching where I come from, and yet our crime rates our lower (duh, smaller city, less crime).

Thats about all for today. Cheers.



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