Monday, August 20, 2012

Maiu Japanese Buffet Revisited

Back in April this year, I visited Maiu for the first time with my brother and housemate. We really ate as much as we could, and it was somewhat a nice experience. You can view my blog post here for more details.

Things have changed since then. In May, they came up with this notice :

One facebook user even said - Despite price increase, I'm glad that Maiu added more than 10 new items which would be value for money. Thanks.

Have they really maintained their standards after the price increase (it was RM 38.80 before) ? There was only one way to find out. I decided to check out Maiu today (20 August ) for lunch with my brother since he just returned from Penang. After sitting down, we ticked off the items we wanted from the menu. Fortunately we didn't have to wait long for the food and the service was quite decent.

Japanese deepfried tofu. Quite nice.

The beef satay is as delicous. I love their barbecue sauce.

Salmon and tuna sashimi. Somehow the serving for the salmon sashimi looked smaller than before.

Chicken satay. Yum !

Salmon maki sushi.

Tempura prawns with vegetables. Nice and crispy.

Soft shell crab sushi and crispy salmon sushi.

Deep fried soft shell crabs.

A closeup of the crispy salmon sushi.

Steamed egg.

The second serving of sashimi. Unfortunately the second serving of tuna sashimi had an odd taste. My brother remarked that the tuna probably wasn't fresh. It was a let down for me.

Crispy chicken with mayonnaise.

The green tea ice cream was as delightful as always.

Having the wasabi icre cream for the first time. The pungent aroma has a profound effect on your nose if you're not used to it.

All in all, visiting the restaurant is quite a pleasant experience if you have a craving for Japanese food. The sashimi was a let down (considering the bill for us to eat there was almost RM 100), which would probably put me off going there for quite a while.



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