Sunday, March 10, 2013

First post for 2013

Dear followers,

This is officially my first post for 2013. I could begin with how slow the year began, the subdued Chinese New Year celebrations, or the fact that I just returned from a evangelical trip to South Korea. I was thinking in my head how all the pictures I captured during the trip would be written into several concise posts.

But alas, this is not to be. On Monday, an opportunistic fellow broke into our rented house and carted out all  my precious Olympus glass and E3 camera body I've accumulated over the years. I bear not to list them all - you can see them on my previous posts on Olympus gear.

I've heard of break ins before involving camera equipment. A regular customer lost all his Nikons when he was away on vacation. But he was affluent enough to get them replaced. Its a real pity that I did not get to say goodbye to them. The remaining equipment is with my youngest brother. I pray that he will be able to put to good use whatever that is left.

Its been a sweet journey, that has been brought to an abrupt end. An end that I, and many other photography enthusiasts loath. 

Goodbye Olympus - If I do not find you again, I hope that your new owner takes care of you nicely and not throw you up and about.



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js-chong said...

Really sorry to hear that...


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