Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Ceramah DAP @ MBPJ Hockey Stadium

And so it began with an ad was put out on the DAP facebook page signaling a large ceramah at the MBPJ Hockey Stadium yesterday. There was an A grade selection of speakers; most whom you would have to listen to their ceramahs at their own respective areas, but they were all gathered at the one single venue that night. A 'rare' opportunity you might say.

Dato' Ambiga arrives first...

... and soon thereafter followed by Nurul Izzah, and their bodyguards of course.

Despite being ridiculed in the media and by veteran politicians in the ruling party, Ambiga refuses to bow down and continues to advocate free and fair elections. She declares that she does not tell people who to vote for, but encourages voters to cast their ballots for a better Malaysa.

One of the brightest (if not the brightest) female politicians in our country today, YB Nurul's speeches appeal to both the lower and middle class voters of all races.

She can be polite and demure at one moment, while being aggressive and forceful at the next second. A speech with drama and suspense, like her father.

No more seats ? Bring your own instead !

I think its been a long time since the hockey stadium has been this packed.

The monk - saudara Lau Weng San. Most DAP speakers are well versed in Malay and the Chinese dialects (cantonese, mandarin and hokkien), which makes them effective tools to reach out to as much of the community as possible.

Yeo Bee Yin is popular to take photos with.

Rajiv's two main issues are public transportation and the rise in crime rates. Very relevant topics nonetheless, but I hope that he will be able to put his words to action. Very hard to do unless you're the minister of transport of course.

By the time Yeo Bee Yin takes the stage, the crowd has swelled up in preparation for Tony Pua's arrival.

He's the most popular candidate for PJ utara. Wherever he is, the crowds will follow, myself included.

Tony raises issues of the exorbitant tender prices of government procurements, most famously the royal navy's ships and armored personnel carriers.

Tony mentioned the issue below last night:

There is no fair play in the media. BN has spent tens of millions of ringgit on advertisements in non-Malay newspapers to instil fear into the hearts of the readers with highly inaccurate and misleading facts about PAS, our comrade in Pakatan Rakyat. And they tried to then convince them that "A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS". However when we wanted to respond to point out the fact that "A vote for MCA/BN is a vote for UMNO is a vote for PERKASA", mainstream press like The Star refused outright to print our advertisement, even when we were willing to pay for it.

Tony obliges to take photos with his fans and autograph DAP merchandise after the ceramah ended.

Anwar has said that the large attendance may not translate into votes, and reminds the Pakatan coalition to be on guard at all times. A dirty, sneaky election is right at their doorstep, and they must be prepared for war.



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