Sunday, June 09, 2013

Walking down memory lane - A trip to Ipoh Old Town

I had the opportunity to revisit Ipoh for an assignment. I took the opportunity to try out the original Ipoh white coffee in old town. Luckily Google Maps saved the day and directed me to Ipoh old town. But do beware, although the shops look the same, the coffee they serve isn't.

Kedai Kopi Sun Yuan Foong supposedly serves the best white coffee in Ipoh. Don't be confused with the Sin Yoon Loong coffee shop just next to it !

Forget about the heavily franchised Old Town White Coffee for the moment. This one at Sun Yuan Fong kopitiam is deliciously sweet while remaining a little bitter at the same time.

Can you remember the time when the breakfast menu was on the wall instead of being presented in fancy books? I can.

Toast with half boiled egg and a sausage make a lovely companion for the white coffee.

The interior of the coffee shop.

So many varieties of local pastries.

Local Ipoh biscuits.

You can tell this uncle has years of stir frying char kway tiaw.

Glutinous rice cakes.

The railway station is still in active use today, and it looks beautiful.

JW Birch memorial. The poor fellow was assasinated a long time ago.

Directly opposite is one of Ipoh's largest mosques.

A view down the streets of Ipoh from my car.

These election campaign materials were supposed to be taken down, and their owners risk a hefty fine for not doing so.

My humble abode for one night in Ipoh at Impiana Hotel.



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