Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FashionValet founder - Ms Vivy Yusof

Hi guys. Some of you must be wondering where have I been all this while. 

Well I'm still alive, taking photos whenever I can. 

I guess I would like to get back to blogging, and showcase what I've been doing so far in my new line of work.

Today I had two shoots - one in Bangsar, and this other one in Plaza Damansara.

Vivy is a young and enterprising lady who runs an online clothes business, mainly catering to Malay ladies. Her website is currently one of the most successful clothes websites in the region, which she started with far less capital as compared to other labels.

Oh yeah, nowadays I'm using a Canon 5D mark III. Quite a change from Nikon, but I'm liking the 22MP resolution files already.. ;) .. Oh yea.. in case you're wondering, I did not dump my Nikons ok...



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