Sunday, March 08, 2015

Gua Musang revisited - 7 March 2015

Went back to Gua Musang yesterday because an NGO was keen to distribute money to the flood victims.

Despite the NGOs best intentions, negotiations didn't go as smoothly as they hoped because the community leaders had different expectations, with a slight tinge of racial issues mixed in which I will not divulge here.

You can still see mud inside the meter boxes.

 Next stop was an empty plot of land where the flood survivors were staying.

The tent provides adequate shelter from the rain but it is incredibly hot and stuffy during hot weather.

Community charging station.

Despite not showing much emotion, you can 'feel' a sense of despair in the midst of the community staying here. How would you feel if your house got washed away (rumah hanyut) and you have no where else to stay ?

For minor washing, you have to gather buckets of water and adapt to their environment.

According to this flood survivor, she has been staying at this relief center for more than 3 months. Alternative housing was promised but unfortunately she is yet to see any progress. Most of the items that you see here were donated or salvaged from the surroundings. She is wearing donated clothes.

When her plight were end remains to be seen, but the victims will be staying put for a while.



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