Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Shook @ Starhill Gallery

Shook - a renown open-kitchen restaurant in Starhill Gallery will be offering special a la carte menu in conjunction with the 9th edition of A Journey Through Time watch and jewellery showcase  from 20-27 November 2015.

The restaurant is helmed by Executive Chef Richard Sawyer from UK and was previously the executive chef of Grand Hyatt Macau. According to the chef, there's nothing fancy about conceptualizing the menu, really. (We were hoping it reflected watches or jewellery in some way). He just had a look at what was available and took it from there.

Nothing is hidden from view. You can see how they prepare your dish from start to end.

Saffron infused seared maine sea scallop, with cauliflower mousseline, watercress and hazelnut vinaigrette. RM68

The scallop is flavourful and is quite tender. Goes well with the mousse.

 Beetroot cured salmon with dill creme fraiche, toasted fennel seeds, watercress and lemon zest. RM58

A refreshing take on salmon, and it tastes slightly sweet too. It's reddish tint contrasts well with the herbs, and leaves your palate refreshed once you're done with it.

Roasted Australian lamb loin with muesli and mint crust, honey, rosemary edamame puree, baked stuff tomato and balsamic fig glaze. RM168.

The cheezy muesli crust surprisingly goes well with the lamb. The arrangement of the ingredients is also attractive.

Herb risotto topped with baked fillet of cod, green asparagus, australian mussels and saffron cream.

A delightful take on your usual baked fish meal. The risotto compliments the flavour of the cod very well.

This dessert was a bonus for us. The ingredients are arranged nicely, definitely a must try for berry lovers. Would have been even better with a generous serving of ice cream.

Shook's star player - Executive Chef Richard Sawyer.



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