Monday, November 16, 2015

Getting the shot

At most times, you won't get the perfect or desired shot on the first try.. It is normal. 

After arranging the cars in front of the office, I requested the staff to stand in as models before their boss comes into the shot. I'm using two bare flash guns pointed at 90 decgrees towards the center car. As you can see in this shot, without any flash, the shot looks very flat, lacks contrast and dynamism.

Because I don't have high speed sync triggers and receivers, I'm using the typical shutter speed of 1/160 sec and an aperture of f/10.

Fired the flashes. Ok la, got some 'pop' in the image, but it's still quite flat.

Called the bosses in. Without flash = flat picture

 With flash, better.

Brought them closer to the car....

With some tweaking in lightroom such as contrast, sharpening, we arrive at the finished product above.

BTW i shot all of these in JPEG, not RAW ya ;)



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