Thursday, December 22, 2005


this past week, starting on monday...i've been attached to a firm making a building models. my first impression was tat making these models was quite easy...just sticking some materials together for display..and abacadabra..there you have it!

but in real life...its real hardwork. everything has to go the cutting, pasting, etc, has to be perfect..becos the boss is a perfectionist, and expects improvements to occur along the way.
otherwise...had a pretty interesting lunch today.. went to a colleagues place at the shoplots near by (the office is in MJC batu kawah). and on the menu was Mamee junk food, ice cream and maggi mee! but i ordered black pepper chic rice anyway so that i won't get hungry for the rest of the afternoon.

will tell u guys more later, but work starts at 9 tomoro, and i've to call it a day. take care and God bless ya!



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