Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ABBC ( A better bounce card)

I stumbled upon this site as I was looking for diffusers for my new external flash.

Want Flash as good or better than the Lightsphere?

As good as or better than the Stofen OmniBounce?

As good as or better than the Flip-it?

At almost NO COST to you?

Learn how to make
A Better Bounce Card

A bounce card causes you to face your flash unit up - pointing it to the ceiling, but you also put a little 3x5 index card behind the light to send some of the "caught" light forward. The Stofen Omnibounce, Flip-it and the Lightsphere do this same thing too each in their own way, but then so did the old bounce card.

Cost of the old bounce card???
It cost you a sheet of 3x5 index paper!

Cost of A Better Bounce Card???
It cost you a sheet of Inkjet Printing paper!

Compare that with the price of your favorite diffuser . . .

Why doesn't someone make something simple like a bounce card, but make it so the photographers can make it themselves and make it better than the simple old bounce card ever was?

There is something like this - it's called "A Better Bounce Card". And it is something every photographer can make themselves - without buying expensive devices - and make as many as they need!

Plus it's DIRECTIONAL, Cheap, bump someone and it won't fall off or worst yet bust off your hot shoe mount! And it's light, actually, light as a piece of paper!!

It looks like this (on my olympus e510):

okay.. its maybe not a very good picture to start off with, but here's the one from the website:

And so.. here are my experiments with A Better Bounce Card:

Khai 'advertising' my garyfong 'puffer'

the doctor with his trusty "work horse".

It will take me some time to make my flash look this great...

outdoor fill in flash

indoor bounce flash

..but until then, i'll keep practising.



changyang1230 said...

I came across this interesting "diffuser":


robin said...


It does make a huge difference with the diffuser, softening the light.

Gosh... I gotta save heaps for an external flash unit. Im stuck with the built in at the moment, cant do much...



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