Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Waterfront on July 1st, 2009

Yesterdays' weather looked quite promising, so I paid a visit to Waterfront after work. The sun's rays bathed the buildings a beautiful golden hue.

Its a pity to note that conservation works aren't valued here ; its much easier to tear down an old structure and build it up again rather than keeping it for the generations to come.

Not many people were utilising the facilities along Waterfont, other than a few lonely joggers and stall -owners setting up their wares for dinner time.

A handsome number of people were rowing their canoes in preparation of the upcoming dragon boat festival.

The Sarawak River cruise ship typicaly returns to port around this time of the evening.

When the lights are switched on, a lovely sheen of colors are reflected in the river.

I won't be in Kuching for long. Hopefully the weather will still hold up before I return to Melbourne.



YEN XOXO said...

Wow! Really good photography here.. Are you using a DSLR camera? Anyway, keep it up! =) Oh yea, I came across your blog while google-ing.. ;P

Sony a200 (Chong) said...

Found your photo blog accidentally, nice shot! How was your Ms. Sarawak (bridal show) gallery? ;)


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