Saturday, February 13, 2010

The age of innocence

Do you remember the time when you were (about) 15 and had dreams of your own? Some of these do indeed sound familiar, don't they?

For example:

I think I shall go into the Medical line…

Become a doctor

Get super rich

Get a great companion

Have an early retirement

Enjoy luxuries…

Wondering what I mean by luxuries?

* Personal air craft / jet plane
* Fast cars
* A high-tech house in d middle of nowhere
* An awesome comfy house in the city
* A yatch
* A Cruiser!!!
* A house by the beach / a country house!
* Music studios
* A WHITE / GOLD / transparent grand piano xD

Tour around the world!!

How about the critierias for Mr. Right for the ladies?

Mr Right. would be...
  • Tall...
  • Not fat, I wouldn't want a fat husband
  •  I like amos... especially Europeans
  • Rich, so doing things would be easy
  • Someone who respects me and my family
  • Someone who dotes on me and children
  • He must be financially secured, even though he's rich; a back up plan
  • A mansion in the countryside... and one in down town
  • He must be a non smoker, does not gamble and never ever an alcoholic

Ah... the age of innocence. We "adults'' can indeed be a little too judgmental at times, but lets allow them to enjoy their youth a while longer while it still lasts, shall we? ;)




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