Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chinese New Year blues

Chinese New Year is a great time for festivities and food. What better way to celebrate it than having an awesome homecooked meal on the eve of CY? ;)

Since my mom's Hakka, we have a healthy selection of Hakka dishes, such as this 5 spiced pork.

Gramps brought along some sio bee, a popular street dish here in Kuching

Steamed tilapia, one of mom's favourites.

Noodles are a must to symbolize prosperity and long life.

Besides visiting relatives, its a good time to catch up with friends and make new acquaintances.

A group of us also went to Poh Jia Lee restaurant at the RH plaza commercial center. At RM155 for 5 dishes to feed 7 persons, the food is alright but it's unfortunately not that cheap.

Bean curd with seaweed.

Sweet and sour fish.

Stirfried deer meat. It's pretty tender and full on flavour.

Vegetables wrapped in beancurd skin.

Roast chicken.  A little too dry and salty for my taste.

We also had the opportunity to stop by at the hawker center for some food and drink. This is the 4 and 3 layer teh si peng. I've tasted better ones elsewhere.

Foochow kampua. They've got the basic ingredients right, but its not convincing enough in my opinion. Perhaps it lacks a little TLC (tender loving care).

Technically we're supposed to celebrate 15 days of Chinese New Year, but visitations are dwindling due to the fact that some of us were back to work on Tuesday. All good things come to an end, don't they? Hope you've enjoyed your CNY celebrations so far.


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Faye said...

It's Bai Jia Le I think. And I just realized neutral WB looks pretty good too.


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