Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alpha Conference, Kuching (Day Two)

If you haven't read my blog post on the first day of the Alpha Conference, you may do so here.

Jamie Haith presented the seminar - Small groups on Alpha.

It is indeed enlightening to see and hear the presenters convict the audience on the Alpha ministry and explain it in greater detail.

Al Gordon meanwhile gave the talk on "What happens after Alpha?" in the old TMC hall.

Its interesting to note how small the old church hall seems today compared to its successor which can accommodate a thousand people.

For the afternoon workshops, I managed to get a brief picture by the Alpha India coordinator, Varada Raj. He was conducting the "Prayer on Alpha" workshop.

John White was in the main sanctuary running the "How to run Alpha in cell groups" workshop.

One of the more popular courses was "Woship on Alpha" handled by Tim Hughes and Al Gordon, who are both Worship Directors at Holy Trinity Brompton, London.

My parents wanted a photo with Rev. Nicky as a keepsake, so fortunately we managed to meet him for a little while in the back office before he went on stage.

Thats about it for the Alpha Conference. It was a huge success, but I guess we would have to wait pretty long for the next one if it were ever to return to Kuching.




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