Tuesday, April 06, 2010

An Easter experience

Every year, Sabah and Sarawak are the two fortunate states in Malaysia to be able to celebrate the Easter celebrations as public holidays. Most people take the liberty of the relatively longer weekend to go on vacation or just chill out at home.

Yes, 10 pups are still up for adoption. Do contact us if interested, otherwise we'll have to dispose them at the SPCA at 7 mile. Its just simply unfeasible for us to keep that many dogs in our house.

The pups averaged about 350 grams on the weighing scale. They've of course gained considerable weight since then.

Compared to Melbourne which celebrates Easter with chocolate bunnies, Easter in Kuching is quite subdued. Everyone just contributes a basketfull of hard boiled eggs. Considering how much eggs are nowadays, it can be a pretty costly affair ! :s

I used to remember in Sunday school as a kid, we used to paint the eggs in all sorts of colours and patterns. It was fun - until mom said that consuming coloured eggs wouldn't be too beneficial to your health. Oh well..

Two easter egg maidens watch vigilantly over the eggs. They appear to be pretty cheerful about it ^ ^

The Sunday school kids came up to give a short skit on Jesus' resurrection and a musical thereafter.

I used to be part of the children's choir in my former church a long time ago. I guess it became a bit repetitive and boring after a while.

After the eggs are distributed, no one's going to stop you from doing whats necessary, as illustrated in this image.

As mum and dad did their grocery shopping at 101, I couldn't help but notice this "No Name Signboard" as I was getting lunch.

I got some fried noodles and cantonese kway teow. They taste pretty good.

Had a photoshoot at Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (Kuching South City Council). The sky was blue and cloudless just like Melbourne in spring and summer. Its a dream which unfortunately occurs once in a blue moon.

I solely utilised the Zuiko 14-35mm for the whole session. As a zoom with image quality comparable to a high grade prime lens, there was no reason for me to leave it in my bag.

Gulped down a few glasses of teh si peng to quench our thirst from the hot afternoon sun.

What a wonderful easter. And thank you Lord for the great weather too ~


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David Chua said...

Really nice shots of the pups with shallow d.o.f.! They are so adorable! There's also a pretty famous "No Signboard Seafood" in Singapore! Haha... these guys still have to pay government signboard license fees though!


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