Monday, December 20, 2010

Food.. more food!

Vietnamese Kitchen, Jaya 33

My parents came to KL a few weeks ago en route to Seoul. My bro and I met them up one night for dinner @ Vietnamese Kitchen, Jaya 33. The restaurant has a nice classy atmosphere to eat although its minimally decorated.

 Anyway.. on to the food. The bread crumbed oysters are simply delectable. They're definitely something to watch out for if you do dine here.

 Deep fried calmari. The fried bits mask the flavour of the calamari a little.

An assortment of food on a rattan basket - fresh leafy vegetables, glass noodles, spring rolls, satay and meat balls.

 A closer look at the barbecued meat..

 Roasted fillet barbecue duck with chilli sauce

Prawns in pumpkin curry

Braised pork with boiled egg. The pork is so tender that its as soft as butter when you split it with your spoon or fork.

Choong Kee Kampar Claypot Chicken Rice

Went back for another round of Claypot Chicken Rice @ Choong Kee. I ordered one with lap cheong (chinese sausages)..

while my brother had one with raw egg.

Chan Thong Kee, PJ ss2
18, Jalan SS2/16
Petaling Jaya 46350

I've recently 'discovered' this restaurant which is near my workplace. The restaurant is clean and not too crowded most of the time, but importantly, they serve good food at reasonable prices. This is their charsiew and crispy pork combo.

I love the stirfried stuff here because its huge and they put in loads of ingredients, such as bean sprouts, chicken slices, prawn and egg. I asked for kueh tiaw, but they gave me stirfried hor fun instead. It tastes great! The dishes come in 3 sizes - small, medium and large for RM6, 10 and 15 respectively.

Thats all for now folks. I hope you're not drooling over your computer keyboards! ;)



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