Tuesday, January 25, 2011

simple and nice

There's something different about taking a portrait of someone who's really special to you. Perhaps if it was another photographer, he or she won't feel anything different. But as for me, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I remember doing everything slowly and deliberately that morning. Unfolding my softbox and tripod, and making sure that everything is in order. Making sure the eneloops are juiced up, and the trigger fires when required. Putting the reflector at an angle, just enough to bounce enough light onto the shadow areas.

With a photo like this, its not about the most fancy model-esque poses. Its about a subtle change in the angle of the head, smile, eyes, etc. You take several shots of the same pose, and you change the lighting style along the way. Of course, I could have achieved better result with some proper teaching techniques instead of the boring studio lighting that I'm exposed to everyday at work. After a few more shots, you finally find something that's close to 'perfect'. Something that represents your photographic 'style' at a particular point in time in your life.

Why do I love this image? Because it is simple and nice. Because of the genuine smile and the look in her eyes. Maybe others will think that the smile and pose is pretty cliche, but I know she is smiling at me and just for me. Not at some random photographer who just wants to make a quick buck and fulfill a job requirement.

And finally, just natural light, a camera, and a tripod. Perhaps its not the most perfect of pictures, and I could have been a better 'model' myself. But this simple picture means all the world to me.

At times, life seems to pass by so quickly, that we forget how beautiful it is to smile. Perhaps we should just stop our busy schedules, take out our cameras (doesn't matter whether its a handphone, compact or SLR camera) and just take a photo of our loved ones smiling. We don't know how long they will smile for us, but as long as they're around, its good to have a memory of them doing so though pictures. I know one day, I'll be looking back and be happy to see this picture every time.

Do we need the most fancy cameras, or studio facilities? No. The most accomplished photographer? No. Just  some determination to make a beautiful picture of someone who means the world to you, smiling.

Good evening everyone.



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