Thursday, February 03, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

I started off my chinese new year festivities yesterday with a KFC zinger burger and 2 pieces of chicken at KLIA.

I was taking the Firefly airline to go back to Kuching yesterday afternoon. I was expecting the airport to be packed, but strangely it wasn't.

There was a lion dance performance, albeit being largely subdued because an airport is usually a very tranquil and quiet place.

One guy in a fake beard hands out fortune cookies.

 As the lions 'sat' on the stage, some folks just came up for some photos.

 Waiting at the departure hall.

 Yeap, here's what we ate yesterday for the CNY reunion dinner. Nothing fancy, just some food to fill our tummies.

 The customary group photo, this time with the 24mm.

Beggars chicken from Sarawak club.

Roast duck from Padungan. They've supposedly jacked up the prices here to RM 40 for half a duck, which is pretty pricey for our standards.

 A dish with Hakka roots - Yam balls with minced pork.

 Fried noodles from Sarawak club. My parents complained that the food prices went up by 20%, no thanks to rising petrol prices. Thank you dear PM Najib for that. And yes, I did receive your 'personal' SMS yesterday.

Fire crackers are a must. I managed to stuff one into an orange yesterday evening and light it up. There was a queer orange juice + gun powder smell after that =)

Hope you all will have a very happy chinese new year today, with lots of angpows, eating, drinking and gambling. Cheers~



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