Friday, February 04, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 - day 1

Geek talk: Most images are taken in JPEG mode with the 24/2.8 lens in manual exposure mode. I don't have the time to post process my photos during CNY

Woke up around 8am on the first day of chinese new year to the sound of firecrackers. My dogs were pretty scared.

After breakfast and some family photos, we went over to my uncle's place nearby where my grandparents were staying. Their maid went home for CNY and they needed someone to care for them.

As the years go on, I notice more and more houses serving Malay food although Hari Raya has past. I start to wonder where has the chinese food gone. Fortunately I can still get some Chinese food at my granduncle's house in Stapok. The baked rice here which is often served in Taiwanese cafes is quite good.

So are the jelly cheese cakes.

Yep, a satisfying lunch indeed.

In the evening, the same relatives I visited earlier in the day came to my house for a little while. People tend to leave earlier if your house doesn't have any proper 'food'.

This little guy here is the same generation as me. My future kids may have to call him uncle one day, if we ever meet again.

Went for some shutter therapy with Robin Wong near Kuching Waterfront. Our first stop was Carpenter street.

Love this antique shop signs. They sure look good for a pre wedding shoot.

Looking down one of the alleys towards the new Dewan Undangan Negeri.

One of the guardian lions at the temple closer to the entrance of Carpenter St.

The lanterns are a welcome sight indeed.

The entrance gate to carpenter st.

The old post office. The construction site opposite it is a perpetual eye sore. Not sure what plans are currently made for it.

The former High Court is now home to the Tourism Information Center.

The rain puddles on the ground makes an interesting scene for photographing reflections.

People were playing little blinking 'helicopters' when we walked over to waterfront.

The resultant light trails make the scene a little more interesting.

Across the river is the official residence of our head of state.

Yep, a cliche shot of the Kuching waterfront. 

As I age, the frequency of the CNY visitations get lesser. Everybody seems to be doing their own stuff this year. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with a few friends today and make my day less depressing. Oh well, thats life.




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