Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Ah, Christmas is almost over. I guess I'd just like to blog about what I did this year for Christmas.

I stuffed myself silly with the freshest, meanest durians in ss2. Meet Sekn, our VIP. Without him, I simply cannot expect to be served the premium 'Musang King' for the RM 15 I paid for the durian buffet. Of course, durian gluttony comes with an undesirable side effect - high calories. I was so full I could hardly walk. Sigh..

I arrived just in time for the Christmas church service at Pantai Baptist Church, Jalan Gasing. The sermon was a little different from the 'usual' sermons of the birth of baby Jesus. Met up with some ex-OCF friends, and had some refreshments. Quite a short service - just over an hour.

Lunch was at Chawan Cafe, Cita Mall, Subang. Of course, this nasi lemak is two times more expensive than Murni ss2. Had to sit through a very long chat (yes, I was warned), before finally leaving the place around 4pm.

Tonight I was assigned to go to Mont Kiara to shoot an event for JCM Agape, a Japanese church based in PJ. They invited a bunch of folks who had impaired vision to join them for the event. It was held in the community center of the apartments, so we had to bear with the heat and humidity for a while.

I guess what struck me was the sincerity and the eagerness of these visually impaired people to sing songs of praise to God. And they could sing and play musical instruments pretty well too (eg. piano, harmonica, guitar), sometimes even better than us who have normal, healthy eyes. As the Japanese pastor pointed out - they may not see in this world, but God has opened their spiritual eyes. God has blessed some of them with families and kids with normal vision, but others are not so fortunate. This is definitely a Christmas event I will remember.

Yikes, its midnight. That's all for now folks. For those in the US and UK who're still celebrating Christmas, enjoy the rest of the day.

Cheers !



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