Monday, February 13, 2012

Putrajaya Night Photography with PEN lovers

Hi, its been a while ! Please let me update you with whats been going on. Incidentally, this is also my first post for the year 2012. I've been hanging out with the PEN lovers for 2 TT sessions already. They're a great friendly bunch to hang out with. One day, I noticed that they had a Putrajaya night shooting session on February 11th, so I immediately took the opportunity to join in.

The first meeting point was at the Putrajaya lakeside near Pullman Hotel. You can see sifu Blu taking out his panorama kit.

Inadvertently, the main discussion topic always relates back to camera gear.

We had to wait for a while for twilight to occur. Since Malaysia is quite near the Equator, its unfortunate that our twilight period is very brief, unlike Melbourne for example.

This short period of time provides the optimum conditions for twilight photography. Wait any longer and you get a pitch black sky, which doesn't look very attractive :s

I brought along the Olympus E-3 and the 50-200 SWD lens, but the slight wind induced some camera shake. Knowing this, I just stuck to my Nikon instead.

The Putrajaya International Conventional Center, which is sadly vacant most of the time.

The beautiful Wawasan Bridge from a distance.

A beautiful view from Wawasan Bridge. From this viewpoint, you can actually see 3 bridges. One was never completed, that's why its not lit up.

That's all folks. Hope you like the pictures. Stay tuned !


robin said...

Great shots !! Glad to be catching up with you again, and most importantly, seeing you make those landscape shots reminded me of your melbourne photos.
Miss the 7-14mm? hahaha

brandon said...

Hey bro, thanks!

I actually brought along the 7-14 along with me that evening, but I felt the 24-70 focal length suited me better. I don't miss it as much ... not yet :P


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