Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do you believe ?

Call it as you like but bazi consultations or a feng shui audit are here to stay, especially for businessmen and the social elite. (Its been in Chinese culture for thousands of years anyway) Otherwise Lilian Too and Joey Yap will be out of a job. I received a healthy dose of this knowledge from a two hour meeting which I was assigned to shoot today in Sime Darby Center in Mont Kiara.

Its interesting to note that some claim that our destiny can be designed, even when we are created by God. The speaker proved this by doing a feng shui analysis of several prominent business figures such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Some local politicians were also included.

The speaker dipped his toes into feng shui when he found out that geomancy consultants are very expensive. Top practitioners can earn RM 1600 per half hour, while their subordinates charge RM 600 / half hour ! Anyone fancying a RM 20k per day job now ? ;)

Do I believe ? I'm still a skeptic I guess. But what happens when some one whom you don't know at all can predict your character and your entire future (eg. your most lucky / unlucky years, character, bad fortune) from the date of your birth alone ? I don't know. But when you listen to talks like this, you have two options. 1. Ignorance is bliss, so you can go on and live the rest of your life without knowing why certain things happen to you. 2. Take the advice with a pinch of salt, and act upon it and use it as a reference for your personal and business life.

The risk of doing a feng shui consultation for someone is that you can fall into stereotyping. For example, you can choose to employ or dismiss an employee purely based on their date of birth. And if that happens, your resume and certificates can be irrelevant, whether or not you are totally qualified for the job. Its a scary thought but there is no doubt some politicians and entrepreneurs are using this everyday, eg. Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Donald Trump. Some public listed companies such as Coca Cola have been using feng shui principles in their office and have reported an increase in sales, profits, and employee efficiency.

Malaysian politicans are also notorious for using feng shui to predict what will happen for the next general elections, who will be the next party president, etc. Some even have their own personal counsellors and they're paid very well. It's ironic that they're using this knowledge when some groups are incensed that feng shui goes against the very religious principles that they currently practice.

Feng shui is very "low key" and doesn't make any exaggerations or claims to prove its powers. However the unusual accuracy of feng shui predictions continues to surprise many. Of course, the decision to act upon it depends entirely on you. Do you believe in it? Do share your stories by commenting below. Thanks !



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