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Club Med Cherating Culinary Experience 2012, Day One

I was honored to be part of the media team for the Club Med Culinary Experience. There's a woeful amount of information online about what really goes on in Club Med Cherating. Therefore as a photographer, I'm going to let my pictures do most of the talking since there are other bloggers, magazine writers and a morning tv show (TV 9) who will add more coverage in the coming weeks and months.

This resort is inspired by traditional Malay architecture elements. Most of the buildings have pitched tile roofs with deep overhangs and verandahs to take in most of the sea breeze and lovely views of the South China Sea.

 A glass of fresh fruit juice and a team of GOs (Club Med lingo for Guest Officers or Gentle Officers) welcome your arrival. Its definitely welcome after a 4 hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur.

 Mini briefing by one of the senior officers from Indonesia. Club Med staff are so much more 'personal' than those from other hotels, and they're great to hang out with ! This is definitely a big plus point on my list.

 This is my lovely room with a view of the sea. The bed and pillows are firm but very comfortable, ensuring all guests have a good night's rest.

Since the focus is on the food and outdoor activities, the tech items in the room are spartan. If you're expecting a large flat screen TV, you'll get a CRT one. The broadband speeds are quite basic too.

 The toilet is separate from the sink and shower, hence your bathroom will likely smell fresh most of the time.

 The lounge has large chairs with a view towards the swimming pool. You can relax here while having a cocktail or waiting for dinner / lunch.

 View towards the swimming pool from the lounge.

At 1pm, we adjourned for lunch at Mutiara Restaurant. It has a wide spread of delicacies for everyone to enjoy.The western food booth is the largest and most prominent food booth.

 Japanese booth.

 Salads / Entree booth.

 The fruit stall. The restaurant staff are very friendly and ever ready to assist the guests.

 Each booth has a signature dish for the day. This is steak with mustard sauce and mashed potatoes.

 This is Club Med's watering hole /  main bar. The staff here work very hard to ensure everyone gets their share of coffee, tea, soft drinks, mocktails, cocktails, juices and liquor.

 The completed cocktails.

 Club Med's boutique store with limited edition merchandise, such as these T-shirts.

 The archery range. The all-inclusive hotel fees encourage guests to be involved in the physical activities around Club Med.

 Enjoying the pools with a Carlsberg in hand.

 Interior of the relaxation center.

 Combined cooking classes for both children and parents helps to get everyone in the family to be involved doing something fun. The audience is learning how to make sushi here.

 Media team having a go at making sushi.

 Cocktail making session.

 Club Med invited us for an exclusive cocktail party for the media team.

 Cocktail of the day - Cherating Punch.

 Its dinner time ! Pastry with seafood.

For the special meals, you'll have to place an order with the chef, and they'll quickly prepare the dish for you.

 Grilled lamb chop

 Teriyaki chicken.

 Korean bibimbap.

Dinner times at the restaurant are quite brisk and full of activity.

 At 930, we were ushered into the theatre for a haunted house performance. Mind you, all the actors here are the hotel staff themselves. Some of them are pretty talented too !

 The show was very theatrical and entertaining for both adults and kids.

 As you can see, most of the audience enjoy the show.

 The 'monster' on the left is from the Phillipines while the 'mummy' is from Sydney, Australia.

A sneak preview of the haunted house. I wouldn't want to show too much less it spoils the suspense after you enter the haunted house !

 An aerobic dance session is always welcome after a heavy meal

There goes my first day at Club Med. Pretty hectic eh ? ;) Stay tuned for days 2 and 3.


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