Monday, May 28, 2012

Club Med Cherating Culinary Experience 2012, Day 2 & 3

Hi guys, if you haven't viewed my first post of Club Med Cherating Beach, you may go to this link.

After a blissful night of sleep on the comfortable Club Med beds, I had a quick breakfast and headed off to the tree top walk. It was cloudy and humid that morning in the forest so no tourists were there yet. The TV 9  group were having a filming done together with one of the staff.

He showed us briefly how he would navigate through the various obstacles...

 ... and the TV presenter followed suit. I think he had fun.

Further away from the beaches, trees and foliage are planted in abundance around the various accommodations.

 Around 11 am, the media team had an interview with Chef Alexandre who would be doing some simple cooking lessons.

Also present was the hotel's new resort manager and global green expert, Veronica Castrejon.

 This is Chef Ibrahim, who is currently the head chef at Club Med Cherating.

 Chef Alexandre poses for a photo.

 Around 12 pm, the GOs gathered around for a poolside dance.

 I prefer impromptu group photos as compared to organised ones.

 Smoked salmon and tuna.

Japanese Katsu Curry.

My own version of pancakes with double ice cream and chocolate syrup.

 At 230pm I made my way to the main beach where most of the sporting activities occur.

 The weather was much better than the cloudy weather I experienced earlier that morning.

 Fancy doing some sailing ? Just speak to the staff and they'll happily take you out in their sailboats, if the weather permits of course.

 Having a minibar by the beach really helps.

 I managed to rush back to the resort by 4pm, just in time for Chef Alexandre's cooking demonstration.

And this is how you flambe the bananas.

 Scorching the cherries.

 The end result? Sweet, warm and delectable. Bon appetit ! :)

 If you're not afraid of heights, you can play on the trapeze.

Calamari with chocolate sauce.

 Roast duck

 Caramelizing the special sauce on the sushi.

Mussels with sweet chilli sauce.

 Chef Alexandre cooking live in front of the diners.

 Media team posing after wine tasting.

Like the evening before, the performance by the hotel staff is superb.

Woke up at 730am the next morning just in time for sunrise.

The rays of the morning sun cast long shadows across the timber accommodation.

The tranquil swimming pool evokes a zen-like experience early in the morning.

Another cooking session, this time egg custard with a caramelized sugar coating.

 Sorry grandma, we don't have kimchi for you !

 Water aerobics by the poolside.

 The last aerobics before we depart Club Med.

Group photo before we board the bus. In the center is the Chef de Village (resort manager ) Daniel Guimaraes from Brazil.

I'll miss you, Club Med !

And that's all for now. I hope you've enjoyed the photos and this simple review of the Club Med Experience at Cherating Beach. Jom pergi Club Med Cherating ~

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brandon, great pictures! I will visiting clubmed cherating come oct12. Read many bad reviews regard rooms , aircon conditions, food hygiene etc...what are yr comments ? Do u still recommend clubmed cherating?


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