Monday, September 22, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2014

 I attended KLPF yesterday at Mid Valley. Initially was looking for kaki to go with but all FFK.. so what to do, go there on my own loh..

And I was greeted with this scene.. a whole horde of photographers shooting hair style models on stage.

 Voightlander booth

Sifu Robin Wong, street photographer extraordinaire on duty at the Olympus booth. Not easy I tell you.. standing continuously for 3 days. Even eating lunch / dinner also have to stand.

 The two models at the Olympus booth.

Trying out the Tokina 16 - 28 f/2.8. Special price during the festival was about RM 2.6k.

 One thing I was concerned about is the lens connection with the 5D.. It failed several times :s

 Otherwise corner to corner sharpness is quite impressive, even at 16mm.

Telephoto tamron lens.

 Ah.. a D4s.. I need to sacrifice a whole years' salary to get one. -_-"

 Nikon Df

 The bigger booths always have models around :)

 The sony booth has long telephoto lenses...

 So you can capture the model on a swing..

 This is how their booth looks like from the stage.

 Performance from Mah Meri indigenous group.

The new Nikon D750. Its small, light and relatively affordable for the photographer intending to graduate to full frame.

I like the flippy screen.. good for the occasional odd angle photography, but I don't know how durable it will be as compared to a fixed screen.

 The bigma from Sigma.

Testing out the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 at full aperture. Again, the lens occasionally missed focus on the 5D.

Wireless instant printers from Fuji.

Cute gal modeling for Sigma.

Sony compact camera with a huge non interchangeable lens.. These bulky compact cameras should be a thing of the past already !

Sensor and lens cleaning service at the Olympus booth.

Aaah.. one of the battle cruisers of the Zuiko fleet, which I have since left behind years ago. Never to return again :s

 Pentax booth

Nissin was showcasing that compact little flash.. not that cheap I tell you, but considering its size and power output, it is very impressive.

At a hidden booth.. I found a gem for high speed off camera flash for a fraction of the price of phottix and pocket wizards ... This is the device at 1/500s..


1/2000s !!!

I look forward to add this device to my collection soon...



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