Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmast food review @ Fuzion, Sunway

It was one of those days for a food review. The lifestyle writer and I were invited for a Christmas Media Preview at Fuzion, Level 1 at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa on 5th November.

Everything looks prim and proper at the desserts section, where every Christmas-type dessert filled the length of the whole table - macaroons, cupcakes, ginger bread houses, chocolate cakes, cookies, etc.

As media, what we were supposed to do is to sample the food (aka. get a free lunch) and promote the menu in our respective companies.

 Three flavorings for the fondue.

For the mains, they placed the food on a table for the photographers to take some shots.

There were photographers from NST, the Expatriate, the Malay Mail, etc.

Lamb shank stew with rosemary herbs.

 Duck ballotine with truffle, braised green cabbage and young carrots

 Sauteed sea bass fillet with porcini mushrooms and white asparagus

 Roasted sirloin with herb and mustard crust.

 The drinks.

After all the photos we shot, we are supposed to sample the food. Looks great, right? How bout the taste ?

 The ballotine was rather bland, also owing to the fact that it was served cold.

I guess I'm saying this because I'm Malaysian, and I prefer flavorful meats. The lamb shank was okay for me.

The sea bass was dry.. I guess they overcooked it. 

I found the sirloin tough to chew. It was a little rare for my liking also.

Feeling rather unsatisfied, after the christmas course I ventured over to the sushi section. As I was about to take the salmon, I noticed the plate had a puddle of 'salmon juice'. Plus the fish had a slight smell too. (I had a slight stomach discomfort for the rest of the day after lunch).

If you noticed to the left of the frame, the utensils and leftovers were left on the plate for some time before they were finally collected.

As 'official' media channels, I guess you can't give your honest opinion too much, especially when you're getting a sponsored meal. I also talked to some of the journalists present, they also had the same reservations (whew.. that means I'm not alone in my thoughts).

Overall I was disappointed with the food (I'd give it a 5/10), also considering the fact that we were dining in a 5 star hotel.

Anyway, please do give this christmas meal a try. Perhaps the mains will taste better when it's finally revealed to the public.

Merry Christmas and cheerio!



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