Friday, November 21, 2008

Aminus3 Photo Shoot Out 2008


Since the weather today wasn't that great, I've decided to extend this "Shoot Out" untill the 27th Nov 2008. And anyone can enter. As long as the photos are on

And here's what you need to do;
- Post your best photos up for 7 days on your aminus3 site, and come here to link it at the comment section (So I can go find it).
- Those who came out today have a higher chance of winning. BUT I have extended even more prizes out.
- Photos need to be from Australia ONLY (You can join as long as it's photos of Australia)
- A short story/caption has be tagged wtih each photo

Here's some of the Themes:
- Circles
- Expressions
- Creative Black & White
- Food (For this category, Food MUST BE from Little King Eatery. 235 King St, Melbourne)

1x 2GB CF Card
1x 4GB SDHC Card
1x 4GB USB Pen Drive
3x Little King Eatery Vouchers ( Worth $20 each )
10x Quattro Hair Fashion Voucher ( Worth $56 each)

was trying out a d700. even at iso 1600- 3200, there's no noticeable noise! used a typical 50 1.8 lens. food courtesy of little king eatery, kings st. Not bad, but a little pricey. Supposedly the chef's from Ipoh

roti canai

chicken rice at $11. or about rm 20! the most expensive chicken rice EVER i've tasted. But its tasty, no doubt about that..


ET said...

u have a shootout? what prize? hahaha

robin said...

I have just had Malacca's best known Chicken Rice Balls !!! LOL.. will be posting about it soon.
Love your final photo there. I get the feeling of loneliness while waiting for someone by looking at that piece ahahahha...


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