Thursday, November 20, 2008

shrine of remembrance

i love my ultra wide angle lens, the zuiko 7-14 f4.

Where would i be without it? i'd be totally helpless. seriously.

Its a good thing i got it second hand of a friend. or else right now, I'd be bleeding through my nose. profusely. here's a review from cameralabs on youtube, providing a very good description of the lens.

some sample pics from the shrine of remembrance.

there's very good distortion control. the lens is also self polarising, aka i do not need polarising filters to get a sky as blue as this.


robin said...

I guess the grass is greener in Aus, and the skies are definitely BLUE-er !!!

brandon said...

its been raining the past few weeks here (becos of spring), but the skies are defintely bluer. missing perth already ? :p


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